Brief Writing Training

A better brief increases your chances of success. 

The accuracy of a brief shapes the outcomes of your project. It's hard to create impactful work with a mediocre brief. The stronger the brief, the more effective the work. This course teaches you HOW to brief agencies better.
  • 6 modules

    Course content
  • 2 hours

    Live Q&As
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  • 4 weeks

    Course duration

    Next course starts 03 June 2024.
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    Who the course is for

    Marketers actively involved in writing, contributing and approving briefs for agencies. The course content is relevant for b2b and b2c marketers and it does not matter which category you work in.

    The course

    We believe briefs are like puzzles. You need all the pieces in the right place to solve them.

    The course is designed to be practical. It is full of tools, frameworks, tips and examples how to get to better briefs.

    By the end of this course you will...

    ...know how to construct strong briefs
    ...avoid the pitfalls of poor briefs
    ...appreciate the components good briefs are built on
    ...leave armed with key tools and exercises required for writing impactful briefs




    Course Modules

    Module 1: Importance of briefs

    Starting at the beginning we learn how briefs originated and the crucial role they have in the creative process.

    Module 2: Recognising good briefs

    Good briefs have a clear focus because they are built on strong decisions. We zoom in what these key decisions are and why so many briefs go wrong.

    Module 3: Objectives

    Without the right objectives briefs are useless. We identify the different types of objectives, the importance of linking them and how objectives can become more meaningful.

    Module 4: Target audience

    Defining the target audience sharply is a crucial component of every brief. We learn how to define them best through the considered use of demographics, psychographics, usage and beyond.

    Module 5: Message + RTBs

    The million dollar question for many marketers: how do I write a strong, single-minded message? Learn how to do it and how to underpin them with supporting evidence.

    Module 6: Briefing the brief

    A brief is not a briefing. Learn the critical role the briefing has beyond the brief.
    Meet Matt Davies & Pieter-Paul von Weiler
    “A good brief acts as a blueprint for your project.”

    Meet your instructors

    As ex-agency strategists, we've written and contributed to 1,000s of client and creative briefs. We’ve worked on major global and local brands at several big name agencies in London, Amsterdam and Melbourne. Our briefs have been highly recognised for commercial effectiveness by 20+ Effie effectiveness awards.

    Testimonials from our live events

    We worked with BetterBriefs to really challenge us on how we could create the perfect briefing structure. The outcome of the work has not just professionalized our internal processes but also saved us time and energy.

    Margaret Barron
    VP Global Marketing, Circle K

    BetterBriefs showed the team how to unlock the power of a well-written brief. Warm, engaging and brilliant in its simplicity, it had an immediate impact and continues to add value.

    Rennie Freer
    Head of Marketing, Kmart Australia

    The BetterBriefs training was a fantastic interactive session which got the whole team thinking differently about briefs. This ability to write better briefs will have a tangible business impact.

    Jacqui Grimsey-Jones
    Marketing Director, ClearScore UK

    Once again the brains at BetterBriefs helped upskill our brand team. As ever, Pieter-Paul and Matt ran an engaging session that people from every level found useful and put the FUN in ‘fundamental marketing skills’.

    Tim Clancy
    Head of Brand Strategy for Int. Markets, LinkedIn

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